C.K. Brooke is a multi-award-winning indie author of over a dozen fantasy and romance novels and novellas since 2014. Her series include the Mythic Maidens, American Pirate Romances, and the Jordinia Saga. She has been published by 48fourteen, Limitless, and Readict. A Best Indie Book Award winner and two-time Indie B.R.A.G. Medallion Award honoree, Brooke’s books have won multiple awards and been recognized by the RONE Awards, Global Ebook Awards, Readers’ Favorite, and Shelf Unbound Magazine, among others. She’s an active PAN member of the Greater Detroit RWA and an ACES Poynter-certified copy editor who has edited for numerous independent authors and publishing houses. In 2020, she founded Called by the Heart Publications. You can read her latest historical romance novel, The Poet Bride, for free on Readict’s app.

C.K. Brooke currently resides in Michigan with her family. She would love to hear from you! Say hello, and don’t forget to subscribe to her newsletter for new releases!