Meet the Hero: Geo

Meet Geo

Full Name:
Georome Straussen

Featured in: The Wrong Prince by C.K. Brooke

From: Tybiria, East Halvea, World of Jordinia.

Status: The younger Prince of Tybiria

Distinguishing characteristics: Raven hair, athletic, courageous. Can be reckless but for noble causes.

Motivations: Loyalty and family. Will do anything for his brother.

Geo’s Story:
Although the two couldn’t be more different, Prince Geo’s best friend is his elder brother, the Crown Prince, Dmitri. While Geo bests all his father’s knights at swordplay and weaponry and Dmitri prefers the books in his study, the brothers share a close bond. But when the girl Geo has secretly been seeing is revealed to be engaged to marry his brother, Geo is beyond shocked—he’s devastated. On the same evening, Dmitri is abducted by an enemy king for a murder Geo is pretty sure the Crown Prince didn’t commit. There’s no question; Geo must go after his brother to rescue him. What he wasn’t expecting was for his ex-lover, his brother’s fiancée, to come along…

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